Network Solution
Business Development of XMedia Services Limited (XMS) is a section of the company specializing in the field of telecommunications. We provide one-stop telecommunications solutions offers great flexibility services for IP-PABX system. It covers planning, engineering, network solutions, project management, system installation, network integration, structure cabling system and maintenance services to our clients seeking for most efficient and effective method to communicate.
To ensure your company has an excellent communication system to cope with the rapid growth of business, you will need an IP-PABX telephone system to centralize and process all incoming and outgoing telephone call.
A suitable IP-PABX can help you:
  1. Reallocating your human resource
  2. Make your business more productive
  3. Reduce your operation cost
  4. One-in-all voice, data and IP solution
  5. For small and medium-sized businesses, branch offices and remote locations
  6. Reliable, secure, Future-proof networks, and easy to operate
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